The 7 essential components of this charter form the solid foundation for the culture and vision of the Gontard Group:


Express our thanks to clients, principals and tenants
Ensure the shared satisfaction of our employees, management and shareholders


Target ambitious results and give ourselves the means to achieve them
Be lucid and impartial in analysing problems and the solutions adopted


Optimise the financial, legal and fiscal aspects of our client services
Develop or improve the technical and rental qualities of our property estate assets


Seek training and learn the business to acquire skills and experience
Do one’s best in keeping with each individual’s personality and the company


Understand the changes in the international economy and the real estate market
Plan ahead and imagine different valuation scenarios and prepare for them


Develop the ability to make the best decisions to ensure project follow-up and success
Think about our actions, particularly in the face of sustainable development challenges

Duties & Rights

Achieve success in compliance with recognised individual and collective rules
Fulfil ourselves through respect for others and our common goals