Oryx Real Estate Investment Management

Lines of work

Asset & Property Management

Asset Management

ORYX REIM joins complementary array of real estate expertise with practical know-how to help clients develop a real estate strategy and optimise their properties through dynamic asset management.

From analysing potential asset value to implementing projects, ORYX REIM offers comprehensive or individual outsourced services covering all the property, financial, legal and fiscal aspects of a transaction:

• Portfolio structuring and enhancement
• Maximising the profitability of one of more assets
• Commercial lease negotiation
• Rationalising building expenses

Using decision-making tools, ORYX REIM determines the best-suited arbitrage criteria and helps define effective strategies before applying our skills and expertise to accomplish each assignment entrusted to us.

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Property Management

As each client has a different strategy, ORYX REIM implements solutions adapted to the tertiary, warehouse, commercial and even residential property markets, to meet the needs of short-, medium- or long-term strategies, national or international investment funds, real-property collective investment schemes or listed companies.

Our customised monthly or quarterly reporting is tailored to the requirements of each principal and takes client-specific features into account.

The absence of a national network means we must pay special attention to selecting the best local partners to optimise rent streams and technical maintenance of properties in the best interests of our clients to ensure tenant satisfaction and the longevity of the assets under our management.

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ORYX REIM assists property owners in devising their arbitrage strategy for buying or selling assets or a portfolio. We work closely with French and international investors to identify investment opportunities and optimise transfers on their behalf.

The company’s experience and competencies give us in-depth knowledge of real estate markets, along with recognised ability to handle transactions of all sizes and degrees of complexity pertaining to offices, retail outlets, industrial premises, logistics hubs and residential buildings. ORYX REIM is also committed to placing our analysis of the markets in context in order to anticipate market shifts and guarantee the quality of our recommendations.

ORYX REIM supports institutional and private clients at every stage of purchase or sales transactions, whether they involve:

• Portfolio, bulk, lot or unit transactions,
• Commercial or residential properties,
• Locations in France and in Europe,
• Property owners or investors.

Sales are organised in three steps:

• Upstream: Market studies, product research, commercial strategy development, and projected balance sheet.
• Preparation for the sale: Conducting all or part of prior procedures: in particular, setting up co-ops, calculating lettable
area (Carrez Law in France), carrying out energy and environmental diagnostics, making legal and commercial
recommendations, etc.
• Sales phase: Handling all sale-related actions, from the tenants’ meeting to the sale of the last lot.

To give our clients privileged access to foreign markets and international investment opportunities, ORYX REIM enjoys the support of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI). The FIABCI, which groups together 100 professional real estate associations with 1.5 million members in the real estate professionals in more than 60 countries, enables ORYX REIM to intervene at the international level.

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Financial advisory

ORYX REIM determines the amount of capital required to implement real estate acquisition projects and verify their viability. At the same time, it studies the legal and fiscal setup that optimises these transactions.

ORYX REIM draws up several financial documents:

• The acquisition financing plan (as of the day of acquisition) which determines the application of equity funds in the transaction,
• The projected income statement (over the planned period of investment) showing the amount of cash flow from the assets,
• The projected financing plan (over the planned period of investment) or the cash flow statement to define financing requirements and calculate the return on investment (ROI).

ORYX REIM and the buyer are then in a position to examine:

• Required equity (personal resources, funds, etc.),
• Planned debt funding (mezzanine, junior or senior debt, etc.),
• Likely transfer price (based on hypotheses and anticipations),
• Cost of the development plan (relocation, restructuring, etc.).

ORYX REIM also draws up a quarterly cash flow forecast to show the balance or imbalance between receipts and disbursements. We are ready to provide the required solutions if need be.

Drawing on our extensive financial skills, ORYX REIM is therefore positioned to intervene at two levels:

• Helping real estate operators meet their equity requirements by setting up pools of investors, including both natural persons and legal entities,
• Negotiating the most favourable financial terms with financial institutions to optimise and secure asset or real estate portfolio acquisitions.

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Occupier workplace advisory

As a consultant for users, ORYX REIM optimises the company’s real estate resources by taking part in the development of action plans in line with the company strategy.

Our advisory offer includes implementing the selected recommendations and is totally independent of real estate services providers. ORYX REIM is a real estate consultancy with no conflicts of interest, dedicated exclusively to defending the interests of the user, our client.

ORYX REIM also has a mission to put the efficiency of the workplace environment at the core of company performance. Our added value lies in our ability to grasp property problems from an asset, human and financial point of view.

Thanks to our modest size, ORYX REIM is able to adapt efficiently and discreetly to the project constraints and demands of each of our clients.

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Management advisory

La mission d’ORYX REIM consiste à :

 • Accompagner ses clients internationaux dans l’organisation de leur développement en France, notamment sous les aspects administratifs, financiers, juridiques et fiscaux, ainsi que ressources humaines,
 • Assister la Direction dans sa relation avec les actionnaires financiers, les acteurs du marché et tous les intervenants nécessaires au développement de leur activité.

L’objectif d’ORYX REIM est de développer trois pôles principaux de compétences :

 • La direction administrative et financière déléguée en temps  partagé,
 • Le développement de l’activité d’investissement et de gestion d’actifs (audit financier, due diligence financière, évaluations, etc.),
 • L’assistance opérationnelle en ingénierie financière et immobilière (acquisitions, cessions, restructuration, business plans, etc.).

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Corporate finance

Bolstered by our skills and experience in financial engineering, ORYX REIM studies the prospects of players specialising in real estate, either as service providers or as asset owners, with completely confidentiality and independence, and without any conflict of interest.

ORYX REIM intervenes in four main ways:

• Acquisition of company structures, particularly on behalf of dedicated capital investment funds,
• Company transfer directly in relation with the management, following an in-depth, exhaustive analysis of the business,
• Business negotiations that make sense from a financial and strategic standpoint within the scope of mergers and acquisitions,
• Capital development operations to support young businesses seeking equity and leverage.

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